Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Arbequina variety

Mon Ermitage is a superior quality extra virgin olive oil made from 100% arbequina olives.

Geographical area.

La Segarra, Lleida

Collection method.

It is extracted only by mechanical and cold processes, providing an intense and balanced flavour.

Aroma and Taste

In the nose it presents a fruity aroma, with touches of green almond, fresh olive aroma and connotations reminiscent of grass and leaves.

In the mouth it has a sweet entrance contrasted with bitter and spicy notes. This mixture of aromas and tastes, typical of its link with our territory, makes it unique and special.

Oleic acidity.

Our oil has an extraordinarily low acidity, 0.09%.

Organoleptic analysis.

Fruity (6)
Sweet (4)
Astringent (2)
Hot (5)
Bitter (4)
Green Grass (5)
Others (Almond, Walnut, etc.) (3)

Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is based on fresh, local and seasonal products.

Olive oil is the essence of Mediterranean cuisine, a jewel of our gastronomy.

Our liquid gold

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